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Big Cedar Ranch

Big Cedar Ranch is our 700 acre farm in historic Cedartown, Ga. Our professional guides & dogs paired with our beautiful habitat offer a one of a kind upland hunt. Join us for a day in the field or as an annual member.


About & History

Big Cedar Ranch has a rich history and is focused on curating the best experience for all of our members and visitors. Learn more here!


Memberships & Hunts

We offer a variety of membership options that are catered to making sure you have a unique adventure every time. Check them out here!


Cabins & Events

With 700 acres and several spacious cabins, we're equipped to make sure you have the best stay possible. Learn more here!


RIP my Lori Darlin’. You had the happiest soul of any animal I’ve ever been around. I will truly miss our time in the field and our friendship. I swear you had the ability to brighten anyone’s day. Thank you for these past 8 years, there’s so many memories I’ll always cherish. A huge thank you to @ghretrievers for bringing her into our life. She was a dang good one!

Man these dogs know how to tug at your heart. Sweet Lori Darlin’s cancer seems to be taking a turn for the worst. Keep our crew in your prayers, she plays such a big role in our family and our business.

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It’s always a good time when the North Cobb Assassin’s show up. They come, they flush and they kill. #bigcedarranch #uplandbirdhunting #labsofinstagram #dannerboots #firstlite #beretta #yamaha #whatgetsyououtdoors #guidelife